Today I'm looking for measured drawings for the landing gear components.
Mark L has sent me a beautiful drawing for the upper brackets in 1/8"
4130.  I found a source for leg material (7075-T651 7/8 x 4" x 30") for $93
dollars each.  I'm fishing for the measured dimensions for the Diehl and/or
grumman legs and lower axle attach bracket.  My son will draw them up for
me in solidworks, then I plan to have the individual pieces water jetted.
I need 2 full sets for me, and have no real idea of final cost, but if it
works out I'll send the info for online access.
If you have access to yours, and can find the time to dimension a simple
hand sketch, or already have a drwg the you'll share, please send off net
Kevin in Smoky Washington
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