Note: I’ve searched the archives and I’m not finding what I’m looking for to
replace the broken aluminum “tailspring” on Roy’s airplane.
I’ve also read how many of you have fabricated something or other from a
chunk of steel/ fiberglass/ carbon etc.

I’m headed out of town and want something just “bought & shipped” so it’s
here when I return.
The “something” should be about 12” long, 1 ½” wide (to fit into the pocket
mount of my API tail wheel) and hopefully not more than 1 ½# in weight.
Can anyone provide a supplier’s name/ website (other than Aircraft Spruce) I
can look at and place an order before I blow out of town tomorrow morning?
Thanks in advance!


John Bouyea

N133RM KR-2S – imported, fixed & flying


OR81/ Hillsboro, OR


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