On 8/15/2021 12:32 PM, Jeff Scott wrote:
I have to say that what I saw on this video is very typical of a first flight 
in a stock KR-1 or KR-2 when one hasn't done any training in a similar aircraft 
with touchy controls.


I'm glad the young man recovered from over control quickly.  I watched the video once and couldn't get myself to watch it a second time with the PIO, even after knowing he recovered.  It looks too much like accident videos I see on Youtube.  Anyone flying a KR for the first time without similar practice should remind themselves you don't fly a KR with a "free arm" and move the stick.  You MUST rest your arm on something, your leg on a two stick setup or an arm rest on a center stick.  Then tell yourself "don't move the stick, just use pressure with your fingers and wrist.  I had no PIO on my first flight in spite of a lack of training but my arm rested on my leg and using my wrist action I put back pressure on the stick.  If you can get past your first takeoff without crashing you'll love the way the KR flies.  It literally follows your thoughts.    The young man did a masterful job on his first landing.

Congratulation and enjoy your new found freedom.

Larry Flesner
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