Hi all,

we (Zalando Tech <https://tech.zalando.com/> in Berlin) are currently in 
the middle of setting up Kubernetes on AWS for production workloads. We are 
looking for existing experiences and users to connect to (preferably in 
Berlin or Europe, we can travel ;-)).

Some background:

   We currently have hundreds of AWS accounts with thousands of production 
   EC2 instances (all running Docker, but one container per EC2 instance)
   We are planning to migrate to a more consolidated setup with less AWS 
   accounts, running Kubernetes
   We currently deploy test clusters with Cloud Formation (adapted from 

Some open issues we are facing right now:

   Cluster/network setup, multi-AZ or not, etcd
   Kubernetes federation
   Operating a production cluster incl. upgrades
   Autoscaling for nodes
   AWS integration (e.g. Application Load Balancer)

For many of these we have potential solutions, but we would like to hear 
what you are doing and exchange ideas.

See you around :-)

PS: we have cake

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