Hi all,

I would like to notify you of this issue I encountered whilst going through the 
website, specifically, the Arabic section. If you go onto the Arabic webpage: 
https://translate.apache.org/ar/ ... scroll down and you will see on the bottom 
of the page a section titled “Top Contributors”. Now if you look at the 
“submissions” section, you will see a user called “skyray1” (which is me), and 
if you take into account the number of submissions that is displayed next to 
the name, it says 498. If you view the profile of “skyray1”, by clicking on the 
name and clicking on the following link: 
https://translate.apache.org/accounts/skyray1/ --- you will then see that the 
actual submissions is 1020. So there seems to be an issue with the numbers not 
adding up, and I know that I kept an eye on the number 498 for a while now, and 
even after continuing to translate incomplete words, or fix up words needing 
review or corrections, the submission count still remained at 498 on the Arabic 
webpage, whereas on my profile, it kept track of the submissions. I also 
believe that the “Reviews” count on the Arabic webpage has jammed too, and has 
not been keeping track of my activity on the Translate Pootle Service.

Thanks again for your time, and I hope to hear back from the relevant 
individual soon concerning this issue. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Kind regards,

Ahmad A

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