Andrea I have an update, turns out the latest version of Pootle has it fixed 
according to the repository owner of Pootle on GitHub. Also, I have requested 
for help for an upgrade to the server for via and you can follow this issue that has been 
closed but is still being reviewed... at: Please get back when you can, 
because I think if the standard Pootle installation is the case, then it seems 
reasonable to upgrade the server, with the assistance of the individuals 
belonging to the Pootle repository.

Ahmad A

From: Andrea Pescetti<>
Sent: 07 February 2018 17:24
Subject: Re: Encountered issue on Apache Translate Pootle Service website

Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
> number of submissions not functioning, that has been normal ...
> However, I am 500% sure that the “Reviews” count is buggy

In this respect I can only say that we have a very standard Pootle
installation: we do not have special Pootle expertise, we just use it as
a tool.

You did the right thing by posting it to

I'll follow that issue and let's see if we get explanations, i.e.,
whether it depends on Pootle in general or on our specific installation
(but our installation really has nothing special).


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