Hi Andrea and all,

In regards to the issue with the system counting the number of submissions not 
functioning, that has been normal as yes, the counter does update frequently as 
the submissions count has been going up. However, I am 500% sure that the 
“Reviews” count is buggy, because even when my “Submissions” count was 498, the 
“Reviews” count was 122 and I have done thousands of incomplete words, and 
words needing reviews since then and even beforehand, so I am sure the 
“Reviews” count is buggy and needs attention for fixing. So Andrea, if this can 
be looked at and fixed, that would be appreciated.

Thanks, and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Ahmad A

From: Andrea Pescetti<mailto:pesce...@apache.org>
Sent: 02 February 2018 21:09
To: L10N@openoffice.apache.org<mailto:L10N@openoffice.apache.org>
Subject: Re: Encountered issue on Apache Translate Pootle Service website

Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
> https://translate.apache.org/ar/ ... next to the name, it says 498. If you 
> view the profile of “skyray1”, by clicking on the name and clicking on the 
> following link: https://translate.apache.org/accounts/skyray1/ --- you will 
> then see that the actual submissions is 1020.

It seems you are right. My guess is that those numbers are cached, since
they are correct for other contributors. So you see 498 because that
counter is updated (say) every 24-48 hours, while the one on your
individual page is update in real time.

Let's wait a couple days to see whether this is simply due to cache: in
that case, the discrepancy will go away.

If it is still stuck at 498 in a couple days, please ping again and we
can try to investigate. Again, ours is just a standard Pootle
installation, so if it is a code bug it will have to be fixed by the
Pootle developers. But at least we can verify the bug.


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