On 06/02/2018 Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
I have to contribute to an Open Source project, and that my contributions have 
to be verified by being accepted. Is there anyway that this can be verified for 
my professor to see?

If you mean that they must be visible, you already have plenty of visibility with the web references to our Pootle installation and with the issues you opened on Github.

If you instead mean that they should get some quality check and become actually useful, then we will now have to work together to get in included, as I explained in the other discussion. The first step is for me (i.e., at least build Arabic for Linux starting from the old files, so that we can measure the difference). I'll continue the other conversation when I have something, but it will likely require a few days.

If you need some "official" certification, we can look into it, even though the best way would probably be to have a blog post on the OpenOffice blog where we explain your work.


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