On 22/02/2018 Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
Andrea, I have windows, so how can we start with this process?

This makes things a bit more complex, but as a first step I (but Matthis can do this better than me!) would simply add Arabic to the 4.1.5 buildbots; this will not contain your latest fixes, but it's important for us to check that we can build Arabic; and you can play with it, even though the translation will still be incomplete. The next step is then incorporating your fixes.

Matthias: I haven't tried, but I don't expect huge build issues if you simply add "ar" to the list of languages at the configure step. We haven't built Arabic for a long time, so we totally need to do it to allow a native speaker to check how broken the current SDF file is (it's probably still from 3.x, but it should work for the 4.1.5 build too; it will just miss some strings, so there will be some parts in English).


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