Now that things are starting to move again, I intend to approve four projects:  
Guiane Creole WP, Saraiki WP, Mon WP and Tacawit (Shawiya) Wiktionary.  No, 
none of these has been verified. But this is not the fault of the people who 
created the projects, this is the fault of the Language Committee, which did 
not do its job.  Accordingly, I will approve and send to phabricator for 
creation all four of these projects by 17:00 UTC on Monday, 19 August.  I will 
not do that in a particular case only if ALL of the following happens:

  *   Someone objects in a particular case that they have reason to be 
concerned about the validity of the language.
  *   That person also specifically commits to contacting an expert immediately.
  *   Then, within 48 hours, that person has contacted the expert, and 
identified the expert to the mail list.
  *   Then, the expert has 7 days to respond.

Otherwise, I need to fall back on "Assume Good Faith". And look, if one of 
these turns out to be another Siberian, we'll be embarrassed, and we'll delete 
the project.  But I've been watching all of these projects for the last two 
years, and I don't have any reason to believe there is a problem.

If anyone tries to object in any way other than the specific way I have 
outlined above, I intend to ignore that person.  Sorry, but at this point, the 
Committee only has the right to intervene if it intends to become active again 
and do its job.


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