I'm interested in using OpenLaszlo with the Catalyst perl application server. 
Can anyone provide information on using laszlo with perl? I've seen very little 
related information which seems strange.

SOAP and XMLhttprequest should be no problem on the perl side, but I've stayed 
away from laszlo until now because I didn't want to have to run the laszlo 
server and use java. However it is my understanding this is critical to media 
conversion and perhaps the xmlhttprequest too.

Also can I access the internals of the DHTML target? (since I'd use Template 
Toolkit with Catalyst I was thinking perhaps I could embed the DHTML rendering 
into a TT template and easily pass data to it that way.)

Can the functionality of the Java laszlo server be reproduced in a perl app 
server instead? I'd like to not have to run both.

At the very least I'd like to run some laszlo widgets and communicate between 
them and my app. Does that require running tomcat?

Finally, whether or not I have to run tomcat, if anyone has experience with 
laszlo and Perl I'd like to know where to look.

Thank you very much,

Matt R.

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