Three additional questions : 

(11) When you run LBackup from the command line, do you see the following 
output towards the start of the output : 

> Hard Links Enabled
> Using custom rsync : v3...

(12) Please confirm the path to where the custom version of rsync has been 
installed. If you used Mike's instructions then it is probably installed at : 

(13) Provided the path to rsync (on both the server and the client) is 
"/usr/local/bin/rsync", please confirm that the following options are are 
present within the lbackup configuration file :
>  ssh_rsync_path_remote="/usr/local/bin/rsync"   # ( Use custom version of 
> rsync - OSX - Client)
>  ssh_rsync_path_local="/usr/local/bin/rsync"    # ( Use custom version of 
> rsync - OSX - Server)

>> (8) Please report on the size of the backup set by issuing the following 
>> command : 
>>  du -hs /Volumes/Drobo_HD/lbackups/theserver.Homes/Section.0/
> sudo du -mkh -d 0 /Volumes/Drobo_RAID/lbackups/mb-docs.Homes/Section.0/

Sure that should work.

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