I have some additional more questions. 

(14) Which user is configured for the login into the 
     client when performing the backup? 

     For example do you have the remote user set to 
     root in the lbackup configuration eg : 

(15) Which user on your system is running the backup?

> I do.  Here's what I get:
> Loading Backup Script Configuration Data...
> Checking for Pre Action Scripts...
> Hard Links Enabled
> Using custom rsync : v3...
> Preservation of ACL's disabled
> Synchronizing...
> Creating Links

> Yes, /usr/local/bin/rsync, which is also in my .conf files.

Okay this is good. It is very likely that the custom version of rsync is being 

> sudo du -mkh -d 0 /Volumes/Drobo_RAID/lbackups/mb-docs.Homes/Section.0/
> Result: 204G  /Volumes/Drobo_RAID/lbackups/mb-docs.Homes/Section.0/

(16) Do you have a different device with sufficient storage (eg ≈250G free 
minimum) to use as a new destination? If you do have another device with 
sufficient disk space I would recommend configuring a backup with the 
destination set to this this other device. This may also shed some light on 
these problems.

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