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Based on the information kindly posted by Matt to the rsync mailing list, I recommend the following steps outlined in "Option 1", listed below :

The steps you outlined are rather involved. Since the rsync mailing list pegs it as a file system level error, maybe we should confirm that first?

Try a cp on the file in question, does that fail? Can you move it aside, delete it, restore it from a known good source? What about the file is bad?

Maybe the destination drive is fine, and it is only a file that needs remapping. Maybe not. But I think worth looking into.

For example, and I should bring this up on the rsync list. I have a sparse image that rsync will get to 99% of copying and then fail with error. This causes lbackup or plain rsync commands to halt.

If I pre-copy the sparse image, it is seen as up to date, and left alone. If I slighky alter the source sparse bundle, a few new bands of delta are copied, and everything is fine.

It's strange, as I can scp, AFP, or FTP the disc image and it will always work. Using rsync as the transport and it always fails. The hard part is it is huge, and takes 20 minutes to test each time.

I think it's worth it to pin the file down, as if it's similar to my case, rsync should not bail out, but skip the file, and continue, logging or reporting the error.

I will try to post my issue in more detail later today.
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