>>>> What would you see as a "good" speedvalue for this set of data? I
>>>> think you've more experience with rsync than me...
>>>> Any thoughts about speeding rsync up?
> Just a short information. Before sending an mail to rsync-lisr I checked my
> speed once again.
> If I do a simple cp -a it lasts nearly 9 minutes, if I do a rsync (as said)
> around 12 minutes. (somewhere between 270Mbit/s and 360Mbit/s). So I don't
> think that there is an issue with rsync (3 minutes extra seems quite fair to
> me), I get a cpu-usage of rsync of 120% (assume that 200% would represent my
> dualcore), so there would be some percent free, so I assume that it's not
> the processor or rsync but the kernel (or the combination with my
> motherboard) or the I/O, or ... . 
> Ok I'm going offtopic here, so in short: I think rsync, lbackup and BIT seem
> all fine. I'll post my topic in ubuntu-forums, I think this is more
> appropriate. If I have any further questions regarding lbackup I'll post
> them here.

If you have any problems then please let me know. The next release of LBackup 
is in the pipeline. It will include additional features, such as the ability to 
provide time required  for various operations within the logs and output 
information. Some of this functionality already exists within the latest alpha 

I trust LBackup is working well for you at present. If you have questions / 
suggestions please let me know. 

Good luck with the drives with different sector sizes :^)

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