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: ISO9000 certification only means that you have documented your
: quality assurance process.
: There is no requirement that your documentation pertains to
: or results in a quality product.
: One of the Danish ISO9K consultants used to bring a ISO9000
: certification case along to explain this to companies:  It was
: basically the entire ISO9000 process for a small company written
: on one page of paper and the essence was "We don't gove a hoot about
: quality".
: The information that company X is "iso9000 certified" only conveys
: one bit of information:  The company has a quality policy.
: You still need to read their quality policy to know what it is,
: and on average, the ISO9000 certified ones contain less usable
: or even readable information, than the other kind.

ISO 9000 only requires like 3 or 5 documents.  Small companies can
comply with just a notebook that contains these documents, assuming
that the quality policy doesn't require more...


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