On 08/28/2016 10:31 AM, Mathias Kresin wrote:
> Am 27.08.2016 um 19:44 schrieb Juan Rios:
>> Hello,
>>    I managed to get this router and want to get lede on it. The
>> hardware is this
>> Lantiq VRX288 500Mhz
>> Wireless 2.4Ghz BCM43222KFBG
>> Wireless 5Ghz BCM4360KMLG
>> 5 port GB Ethernet

The SoC including the DSL part is support by LEDE.

> I would suggest to check whether the wireless chips are supported by any
> open source driver and to decide afterwards if it's worth the time to
> work further on this device. Broadcom and open source (wireless) drivers
> is usually a story of pain.

BCM43222KFBG is supported by b43 with ieee802.11g rates max.
BCM4360KMLG is not supported by any driver in LEDE.

>> I already found serial port pins and got the console log. The log is
>> almost silent. I managed to get to the brnboot shell short cutting
>> pins in the flash but cant do a flash dump.
> Next time please paste the serial logs anyway. Maybe someone else is
> able to spot something interesting.
>> ERASE Flash
>> ---------------------------------------
>>     Area            Address      Length
>> ---------------------------------------
>> [0] Boot            0x00000000    1024K
>> [1] Image 0         0x00100000   10240K
>> [2] Image 1         0x00B00000   10240K
>> [3] Configuration   0x01500000    2048K
>> [4] Boot Params     0x01700000    2048K
>> [5] Nvram           0x01900000    1024K
>> [6] Cert            0x01A00000   32768K
>> [7] EmergencyValue  0x03A00000    6144K
>> [8] Configuration2  0x04000000    2048K
>> [9] All area        0x00000000   67584K
> I wouldn't trust this flash layout. Doesn't look right to me for a 128MB
> flash chip.

128MB NAND flash chips are the cheapest NAND chips, using only 64MB is
more expensive than using 128MB, 256MB NAND should already have a
similar price tag as 128MB. This looks like a dual image configuration
with 10MB for each image, there 128MB NAND flash is probably the
cheapest solution.

>> If I try to read from above address the router gets locked.
>> I can read from certain area like memory or 0xBC000000 or 0xBE000000
>> but others locks the router.
> You can not access the NAND flash via the system memory addresses. It
> only works for memory mapped flash like NOR. NAND is I/O mapped.
>> The boot ask for a password and continues booting.
>> The emergency boot kernel is openwrt 10.3
> What is a emergency boot kernel? Are you talking about the recovery web
> interface you get when press and hold the reset button on power on? If
> they are using OpenWrt, they have to provide the GPL sources. Ask for them!
>> I found out that short cutting R201 I get CFG 07 instead of CFG 06 so
>> maybe UART Mode is R201 + R203 but not sure. Not quite sure to try
>> it...
> With Lantiq SoCs in NAND boot config it should be enough to bring one of
> the bootsel pins to GND to force the SoC into UART mode.
>> I can load to memory using xmodem transfer and run but all I tried get
>> locked without any output.

Have you tried the kenrel with both serial interfaces? The SoC supports
two and I do not know which on is used on your hardware.

@Mathias is it normal that this does not work?

>> What I want is first dump the current content of the flash. Any ideas?
> You can try to build an ascii (UART) u-boot for this device. But this
> requires the correct GPIO settings and matching memory parameters for
> the RAM chip. Usually I'm extracting the RAM chip parameters from the
> brnboot binary. But this seams to me a "chicken or the egg" problem here.
> What's more likely to work is to create a second stage (brnboot) u-boot
> which doesn't have to do the low level chip initialisation and can be
> started from the brnboot shell [1]. You can use the u-boot for the BT
> HomeHub 5A [2] as a beginning and add the missing SYS_BOOT_BRN stuff
> from the VGV7510KW22 [3]. This might allow you to dump the NAND from the
> second stage u-boot.
> Mathias
> [1]
> https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/arcadyan/vgv7510kw22#starting_u-boot_from_brnboot
> [2]
> https://github.com/danielschwierzeck/u-boot-lantiq/commit/84581834622d6e7e3ceaee08b2ef8bcce3c227f7
> [3]
> https://github.com/danielschwierzeck/u-boot-lantiq/commit/899107f62ad97ba123f74f378179c765f8469e01

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