I will be a contributor/user of whatever wiki is provided and have used both 
Dokuwiki and the Semantic MediaWiki (used by WikiDevi) as I’ve contributed to 
both the OpenWrt Wiki and MediaWiki.  I think my preference would be for 

I have experience installing OpenWrt on over 50 different supported devices and 
a few unsupported devices.  As soon as the wiki is available I’d be willing to 
start entering data on the devices I have experience with.  


> On Sep 14, 2016, at 6:10 PM, Alberto Bursi <alberto.bu...@outlook.it> wrote:
> On 09/14/2016 10:31 PM, Thomas Endt wrote:
>> I advise to setup a Dokuwiki, if no one else has good reasons
>> against it. Please slow me down in case I'm going too fast.
> Ok for me. As long as the theme is something modern and readable, 
> registered users/gardeners can rollboack edits, and there is a wysiwyg 
> editor, I'm ok with it. (Docuwiki has these features at least)
>> Oh, what is really needed for this build: Discussion between the volunteers,
>> either via mailing list, or via forum. I'd prefer the latter, since it's
>> easier to access for the standard user than a mailing list.
> Well, of course a forum is better, but it also carries much more work 
> than a wiki (I mean much more work to not just have a massive empty 
> space where any post echoes loudly like current OpenWRT forum, that does 
> not do any good).
> I mean, hoping someone will answer people's questions is certainly good 
> and all, but to truly kick-start a forum (i.e. attract people into it) 
> you need some semi-official guys that camp there and (do their best to) 
> answer people's questions, and that might become a heavy burden fast.
> I think we should avoid forums for now and should lay out the wiki's 
> plans in a wiki page and activate a plugin (there are at least a couple 
> for docuwiki) to make a "talk" page or "discussion" page like 
> Wikipedia's for wiki volunteer interactions.
> -Albert
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