On 09/15/16 20:02, Thomas Endt wrote:
>> I think we should avoid forums for now and should lay out the wiki's
>> plans in a wiki page and activate a plugin (there are at least a couple
>> for docuwiki) to make a "talk" page or "discussion" page like
>> Wikipedia's for wiki volunteer interactions.
> Interesting idea.
> The "discussion" page is disabled in the OpenWrt wiki. I guess because those
> discussions require quite some admin-time, which wasn't available in the
> past.
> Shouldn't be a problem to at least try it out. If it doesn't work as
> expected, it can be deactivated with a click.
> I somehow feel the need to collect ideas like this somewhere more suitable
> than a mailing list... *hint* ;-)

Maybe a wiki-maillinglist is easyer to intigrate instead of a froum or wiki
discuss pages. Also the boarding hurdle is mutch higer on a forum (new web
account, no offline support, poor overview, and so on) than a mailinglist.


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