>Everything important in CeroWrt long ago made it upstream - the apu2 (which, 
>btw, I have been using as my main test platform for the make-wifi-fast work) 
>has BQL on the intel network drivers
Interesting, it didn't seem like it's implemented when I test as suggested by 
See http://imgur.com/a/U36zU It spikes when the download test starts, it stops 
peaking little over halfway through the download test, unless that indicates it 
is indeed working and I'm misreading the results?

> (http://blog.cerowrt.org/post/real_results/ more detail here: 
> https://blog.tohojo.dk/2016/06/fixing-the-wifi-performance-anomaly-on-ath9k.html).
Excellent information, thank you! Especially as most APU2 owners would run 
ath9k with some using ath10k.

> dnsmasq-dnssec is an optional package in lede as are the sqm-scripts, 
> luci-app-sqm, and the bcp38 support.
I've fallen behind the curve (thanks pfsense), I wasn't aware of the bcp38 RFC. 

>What never made it to openwrt from cerowrt was:

>A) the controversial "rename the devices to reflect the security model" 
>portion of the firewall code. That code allowed for never having to reload the 
>firewall as it used a pattern match on the device name to dynamically add 
>devices to a secure or guest zone.
I didn't fancy this concept when I read it myself.

> I look forward to migrating my apu2s to lede soon!
All the APU2 owners look forward to it :)
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