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BQL + fq_codel kills bufferbloat at line rate (10,100,1000mbit) on ethernet 
cards. It also works if you have hardware flow control on the the ethernet.
It can't do anything on downloads.
If your connection is not at line rate  or the download is overbuffered (looks 
like 20Mbit here), you need a soft shaper like the ones in sqm-scripts (htb + 
fq_codel or cake) set 5-15% below the observed rate to win.
So I was misreading it. Thanks for clearing that up, this was tested on an 8M 
down ADSL, I'll check out the sqm-scripts.

Do you know of someone making a bigger better case for it? I'd like one with 6 
antenna slots for just that reason - and better heat management.
This has been a gripe for everyone owning an APU2 it seems. 6 holes for 
antenna? I know none.

You can find $30 hand punches on Amazon/Ebay and their largest punch size is 
typically perfect for
SMA connectors.  The APU2 case is easily punched since it is aluminum.


Also, I've run these systems at full load (500Mbps+) for 24 hours and though 
the case gets warm,
system has remained stable.  A warm case actually means it is transferring 


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