> BQL + fq_codel kills bufferbloat at line rate (10,100,1000mbit) on ethernet 
> cards. It also works if you have hardware flow control on the the ethernet.
> It can't do anything on downloads.
> If your connection is not at line rate  or the download is overbuffered 
> (looks like 20Mbit here), you need a soft shaper like the ones in sqm-scripts 
> (htb + fq_codel or cake) set 5-15% below the observed rate to win.
So I was misreading it. Thanks for clearing that up, this was tested on an 8M 
down ADSL, I'll check out the sqm-scripts.

> Do you know of someone making a bigger better case for it? I'd like one with 
> 6 antenna slots for just that reason - and better heat management.
This has been a gripe for everyone owning an APU2 it seems. 6 holes for 
antenna? I know none.
The Calexium case can definitely do better thermal management but useless for 
you since you can't add all the radios+antenna - 
Check the last post on this page for ideas on thermal management - 

> I'd rather like to see the bcp38 stuff a default, but although we made the 
> code work right for one layer of nat, too many people have more than that. :(
Double NAT?

> ... after we finish up the airtime fairness code and rip out some more wifi 
> latencies.
Eagerly looking forward to this!
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