> On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 10:52:05 PM UTC-4, Clément Pit-Claudel 
> Can you try adding the following to your .emacs? 

Thanks for this code, Clément.

It makes the search for account names *much* faster. However, commit 
24b43e34dd34de23e54d7ddaa2a147efda6af03d is still better for me. The 
account searches on my ledger are slightly (but only very slightly) faster 
with the earlier commit. But that's minor.  More significantly, the current 
version with your revisions still offers me two options for some of my 
accounts when I reconcile. (Both of the accounts listed for my choice are 
exactly the same -- e.g., "Liabilities:CredCard:JChase".) If I select the 
first option, it tells me that there are no unreconciled postings for that 
account. If I select the second, option, then I get a list of unreconciled 
transactions and can proceed with the reconciliation.

Second, when I generate a register report with the earlier commit, if I put 
point on a line in the report and hit <return>, I'm taken to that entry in 
the ledger file itself. With the current version (and with your code), I 
can't do that. 

So while your code solves part of my problem (and thanks for that!), 
there's still something else going on.



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