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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 11:24:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Johann Höchtl <johann.hoec...@gmail.com>

2018-02-04 * TV set delivery
   Deposit:Electronics  $250
   Assets:Banking  -$250
   Deposit:Electronics   = $0
This is reasonable for accrual-based accounting, though I would put
Deposits under Assets, Assets:Deposits:Electronics (or even a more
detailed Assets:Deposits:ACME Vendor, Inc.:20180104 to separate it
from other deposits), since presumably if you don't make the second
payment then the vendor is obligated to return the funds, so they
count toward your assets until you commit with the second payment.
This can also be simplified a little bit: just draw from the deposit
and your bank simultaneously, rather than adding to the deposit and
then subtracting from it:

2018-02-04 TV set delivery
    Expenses:Electronics   $1050
    Assets:Banking         $-250
    Deposit:Electronics    $-800 = $0

(Both the negative amounts are omissible too, I think, though the
redundancy doesn't hurt for error-checking.)
And every day I learn sthg. new. Thank you for clarifying and pointing me to that syntax.

BTW. with language semantics I meant my mother tongue is not English and English "accountants talk" is rather alien to me.


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