All should have been unsaid.  It sounded as if he was doing a knife job and 
covering his arse.
TC went with grace , why embarrass him?  To make Radz look good.  It added 
nothing.  There was no point,  it grated

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Subject: [LU] Radz interview

Radz seems to be getting stick for his 'mistake' comments re TC
I think it is a good interview, he actually says "anything that does not work 
is a mistake, so yes I did make a mistake'

 To me that is Radz admitting that HE (Radz) made a mistake in appointing an 
unknown, unproven, foreign manager from a third rate footballing country - 
something we all agreed on at that time (albeit we all hoped that it would work 
He is very open with the fact that he wanted to sack TC a few weeks ago and 
openly complains about his use of the squad and the debacle at Newport
I also like his comments that we were very slow off the mark in a number of 
games and said this was lack of confidence instilled by the manager
It is rare for a chairman to be so forthright after a sacking so fair play to 
Radz on this one.
As for Hecky, Hecks, Heckers or Bottom / Arse which will be his nicknames if he 
does not deliver his interview is also quite good but we have heard it all 
before 'big club, great fans, wonderful facilities and history, ought to be in 
the Prem etc'

His footballing comments about 'high pressure, attacking with and without the 
ball, committed, aggressive etc' are all good to hear but stuff the last X 
managers have also told us. As for all of them the proof is in the pudding as 
they say. Rosler was the 'best' for me - promising 'heavy metal football' and 
then after one game claiming the players were tired, giving them a ready made 
I wish him all the best and think it is a decent appointment and one that 
might, just might, work (but I have thought that before and been wrong) - he 
has a tough start and is handicapped with a number of players injured and some 
more still suspended. Let's hope he can do enough in a couple of days to get us 
up and going for the sheff Utd game
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