Do you mean in the Location List? Look under the Sort button and change to Generic if it bothers you. I use generic. I enter locations from smallest unit to country and sort the list right to left.

There's no difference in the Deluxe version from that point of view - are Maps a Deluxe feature? I think so.

SourceWriter Templates can also use US geographical parts for locations. I just ignore them and use them for whatever I think is appropriate.

My research is basically in England and Australia. I'm a long term Legacy user and Legacy tester.


Tom Beckham via LegacyUserGroup wrote:

I have just installed the basic version of Legacy. Although I have specified uk English language. I can see that certain parts of the program have US part i.e the state/counties. Is it possible to be changed to the UK counties. Or is this possible in the full version.
Tom Beckham


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