For the UK addresses, I normally use this structure - Banbury, ,
Oxfordshire, England - though there other options suggested in the Geo
Database lookups that you can use. If needed, I then add to the left of list
so that I can then get one like this - Milton Regis, Sittingbourne, , Kent,

It is really your choice about how you want to record addresses, and I went
through my large database a few years ago to sort out all of the various
versions that I had been building over many years. 

Similarly, I use these as well - Airdrie, , Alberta, Canada and Adelaide, ,
South Australia, Australia.

One 'fault' that I made was to include 'buildings', like this All Saints
Church, Poplar, London, England within the locations and not as a separate
address record. I am still clearing those out from my system.

I think the idea was for the location to relate to a general place, like a
village or town, and that the address would cover an explicit building, like
a church.

But, ultimately, it is your choice how to do it, but be aware that, if
exchanging data, the other parties may have a different view on how they
would treat it.


Chris - UK based 

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On 07-Aug-17 11:40 AM, Tom Beckham via LegacyUserGroup wrote:
> I have just installed the basic version of Legacy. Although I have 
> specified uk English language.  I can see that certain parts of the 
> program have US part i.e the state/counties. Is it possible to be 
> changed to the UK counties. Or is this possible in the full version.

I presume you are referring to options such as the US Counties Verification.
As far as I know there is no UK equivalent for this. 
"English (UK) language" mainly means that you get English spellings.

If you look at Options>Customise you will see there are lots of choices you
can make about how dates, measurements, etc are displayed.

One thing you want to ignore if your research is largely in the UK is the
"encouragement" to use 4-field locations.  UK places (whether or not you
choose to include street address in a location) do not fit into this mould.
Use as many fields as you want/need and then sort the list from right to
left (country, county, city, etc) so the grouping is correct.

Legacy is, of course, a program developed in the US by Americans so it does
have an American bias (as do the wonderful Legacy Webinars - have you
discovered them yet?) but don't let that put you off.

Jenny M Benson


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