Mary, it is ‘broken’ for everyone with the latest update ( to Legacy 
Family Tree.
I understand that this is because Microsoft have changed the way that 
programmers can interface with Bing Maps, and I think the new way (the API or 
applications programming interface) costs software developers substantially 
more than before.

Albert Park, Victoria 3206 Australia

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Subject: [LegacyUG] Mapping feature

I cannot get the maps to show in the mapping feature: the list is there for the 
family selected, the place for the map appears, blank. I have checked the  
​'show map' box in the master location list,I have a deluxe edition and current 
build. I am online,
It used to work, but I haven't tried in a few months and don't know if I missed 
something. I know I had to reinstall when I had computer issues, but everything 
else seems fine, at least that I know of.
Any suggestions: the archive was no help

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