For some reason, I cannot see the original post, just Jenny's reply
and a snippet of the original in her reply.

I would say that if you want to merge them and it didn't work, perhaps
you should figure that out first. IF that's what you really want to
do, keyword: IF. I tried looking for a good video, but 'merging files'
comes up with zero results. Maybe someone on the list know of a good
video. I am a visual learner so videos are best for me, but not

There are two short pages and one longer one that may be helpful. I
would suggest reading them in the following order, so you do not
become overwhelmed. Take your time and play with some dummy files
before doing it. Legacy comes with a dummy file and you can use that
to merge some of your family so you can figure out how it works.

One tip: Create a NEW family file. Duplicate the other 8 files (yes, I
know, lots of extra files, but this saves the original 8 files
unblemished).  Now merge Duplicate 1 into the NEW file. Then repeat
with the other 7 files. Does that make sense? My personal rule is to
NEVER merge an original file into another original file. Always use a
NEW file and duplicates. This way if there is an error, you can simply
start over with step one again without any loss of data or wrong
people being merged.

I will warn you, it is quite the task, especially if each file
contains a large number of people with similar names. Mine does, so it
takes very careful merging.




You may want to submit a suggestion for a video on this, here:

On the subject of backups, if you don't subscribe to the media backup
it's just text so should only take a few minutes. If you backup your
media and you have a LOT of media, like I do (but I do not subscribe
to media backups, I use Google for that), then it will take a very
long time, just like Google does.

Good luck and we're here for you, if you have problems.

Cindy Lloyd

On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 9:34 AM Jenny M Benson <> wrote:
> > I have eight different Family Files,  the merge I tried didn't work for
> > me so I am still faced with backing up eight families each time and that
> > is time consuming.
> > Is there any way to backup all eight at once?
> Do you really need to back up all 8 at once?  As a general rule, You
> only need to back up a file when you have made changes to it.
> And how long does it take to backup?  I just backed up my family file
> (admittedly, not media also) and it took considerably less than a minute.
> But apart from those observations I don't have an answer to your
> specific question.
> --
> Jenny M Benson
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