Does anyone have the email of when Legacy was bought out by from many years ago? That email stated that as Legacy
users our subscription fee would be $125 for our lifetime. Another
Legacy user in the last few months asked the same question more or
less but his value was even less than $125 that he remembered being

Because I needed to change my credit card number for my MH
subscription, I ended up not being able to do it on their website but
instead had to be pestered by one of their sales agents on the phone
that caught me at a bad time.  The agent kept saying that the
agreement from long ago is no longer valid and out of frustration, I
paid $747.50 and got locked in for 5 years. Each time I said no, I got
another $50 gift certificate to use on MH. This agent promised elite
customer support which I have gotten none of until I threatened MH
with unethical business practices.

Thank you in advance,


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