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> I found this in the archives. Note that the price lock was only on 
> subscriptions made by September 10, 2017, and the email was sent on September 
> 3, so a very limited time offer.   Hope this helps.  —Wanda H.
>   For more details, please read the email below.
>    Kind regards,
>    Geoff Rasmussen
>    ----- Original message -----
>    From: Legacy News
>    To:
>    Date: September 3, 2017
>    Subject: Hello from MyHeritage + 2 unique offers
>    Dear Legacy user,
>    What a month we’ve had! First we announced the acquisition by
>    MyHeritage, then rolled off 15 amazing new webinars, followed by an
>    incredible 50% off sale, which led to the strongest month of Legacy
>    software and webinar membership sales we’ve had – ever! And it keeps
>    getting better and better.
>    Whenever I need to draft an article, or design a new logo, or work
>    faster on our upcoming Mac version – MyHeritage steps in with dozens
>    of experienced staff to assist. I love it! And now they are making
>    good on their first promise to you – offering the biggest discounts
>    ever on DNA kits and Complete MyHeritage subscriptions – exclusively
>    to you, our Legacy users and webinar viewers. Here are the details:
>    *1st offer: MyHeritage DNA Kit – Only $59 $99*
>    If you’re not acquainted yet with MyHeritage DNA, and what it can do
>    in terms of discovering your ethnicity and matching you to
>    previously unknown relatives, I recommend watching this TV segment
>    on Fox & Friends
> <>
>    that introduces this great product.
>    Starting now, through Sunday night, September 10, MyHeritage DNA
>    test kits are only $59. This is the lowest price ever offered by
>    MyHeritage and it’s offered exclusively to you – our Legacy users
>    and webinar viewers. It’s one way MyHeritage is saying hello and
>    thank you. Purchase your MyHeritage DNA test kit today for $59 per
>    kit (for as many kits as you would like). There is a shipping fee
>    that is waived for orders of 3 kits (or more) and halved for orders
>    of 2 kits. Here’s how to take advantage of this unique offer:
>    - *CLICK HERE
> <>*
>    to purchase your DNA kit(s)
>    - IMPORTANT: At Checkout, under “Total,” click “Got a coupon code?”
>    and enter the coupon code *LEGACYDNA*
>    Once you receive the box, it takes just a few minutes to do the
>    test. After you send in your simple cheek swab, you’ll have your
>    results online in just four weeks.
>    You know that I am big-time into DNA now and have found new DNA
>    matches at MyHeritage that I haven’t found anywhere else. I also
>    found some Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity (1.2%) in my grandfather’s
>    Ethnicity Estimate, which was a big surprise. Because of
>    MyHeritage’s millions of users in 196 countries, there is an
>    excellent chance you will connect with your oversea relatives here.
>    In fact, MyHeritage produces half a million DNA Matches every single
>    day!
>    *2nd offer: MyHeritage Complete Plan*
>    Also only available to Legacy users and webinar viewers is the *50%
>    off* pricing for the MyHeritage Complete Plan. It includes
>    everything MyHeritage has to offer: PremiumPlus family site with
>    unlimited tree size, powerful matching to other family trees and
>    historical records, and full search access to their collection of
>    more than 8.1 billion historical records. This also provides full
>    access to all the Record Matches and Smart Matches that appear in
>    your Legacy 9 software. All this for just $125 – that’s 50% off the
>    public price. Get instant access to:
>    - 8.1 billion historical records     - Vital records from 48 countries
>    - 2.5 billion family tree records    -  Military and immigration records
>    - Birth, marriage and death records  -  U.S. Censuses spanning 1790
>    to 1940
>    - Hundreds of exclusive databases    -  More added every month!
>    - Your own private tree of unlimited size
>    PLUS: Those who subscribe before Sunday night, September 10, will
>    enjoy a *Price-Lock Guarantee*. For as long as you keep the
>    subscription, the price will remain 50% discounted and will never
>    increase in the future. This is a unique offer that MyHeritage is
>    giving *only* to Legacy users and webinar viewers.
>    Click here to get MyHeritage’s Complete Plan at 50% off with
>    Price-Lock Guarantee
> <>
>    The two offers in this email are complementary and can be taken
>    together, or separately. If you take both, you get all MyHeritage
>    features, for the lowest prices ever offered. This is a unique
>    opportunity, only for Legacy users.
>    Kind regards,
>    Geoff Rasmussen and the Legacy team
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