I have just watched a Legacy webinar on document filing and whereas there was a lot of good sense spoken, one thing stuck out to me as ridiculous.

The present prefaced her document filenames with the surname, forename and year of birth of the person concerned. he went on to say that if there was more than one person with the same names and date of birth she would include the death year. That's fine if you *know* the birth and/or death year of people and in the days when choice of names was limited and infant deaths numerous, it would not be surprising to have 2 people of the same name being born and dying in the same years. And how often does one not know the birth and/or death year of a person?

Why on earth not use the unique identifier provided by Legacy - the RIN. This is generated by Legacy every time a new person is added to a file (but the user has the option to swap these around if desired.) Smith, John 1234 or Doe, Jane 5678 is never going to be confused with anyone else and is never going to change - even if you find out one day that you have the wrong birth/death year for that person

I defy anyone to come up with a good reason why using the RIN is not the best way to uniquely identify a person in a Legacy fie. (There's a challenge!)

Jenny M Benson
Wrexham, UK


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