The tool in Legacy for unique identifier is the User ID, not the RIN. The RIN is used by the machine (software) as an identifier and is rewritten at times, whereas the User ID is your own identifier and is fixed.

There are tools to help create the User IDs - see Help:
There is a tool on the *Options > Customize > Other *tab where you can automatically fill the *User ID* fields for all individuals with the RIN numbers and optional text.  (See Customize - Otherfor more information.)

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On 24/01/2024 3:16 pm, David Cripps wrote:
On 23/01/2024 11:11 pm, Jenny M Benson wrote:

Why on earth not use the unique identifier provided by Legacy - the RIN.

I'm with you Jenny and have done it this way for ages now, the only issue is you must be aware never to overwrite or alter the current RINs & heaps of backups too of course.

For Census Sourcing, I use 12345-1871Census.jpg then I use the same format for Birth, Baptism & Death sourcing.
For marriage I use the MRIN & identify it as 12456-MRIN.

It works for me, but of course once decided on this course of action it's (in my case) probably too hard to change it.

Each to their own I suppose.
David Cripps in Hobart


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