This is an Engineering Notebook post.  There are some questions below.  Any 
advice from Terry, Matt or others will be welcome.

In the last two days I've lost my fear of multiple installations.  Here are 
my plans:

*Windows 10*

1. Replace 32-bit miniconda with 64-bit miniconda.  This may solve some npm 
and pyinstaller problems.

2. (Maybe) Install a full 64-bit Python 3 Anaconda *in addition to* (or 
instead of??) the miniconda environments.

I am considering using Anaconda because of an annoying problem.  Starting a 
new console starts off in the *default* miniconda environment.  Alas, 
activate python3, which at present gets done automatically when opening a 
new console, takes about two seconds.  This delay quickly becomes 

So the idea is that opening a console will put me in the full Anaconda 
environment, not the miniconda environments.

Or maybe the full Anaconda environment is enough, and I can use conda to 
create new environments??


I'll wait until I have the Windows install resolved before experimenting on 

I do know enough not to touch the system install of Python ;-)

At present I have 64-bit Anaconda installed for both Python 2 and 3.


All comments and suggestions are welcome.

I am happy to delay Leo 5.7b2 until all these issues are resolved.


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