It looks like inheritance and position in the css tree matters.

eg. Look at the buttons in the Breeze Dark theme. They are surrounded by a 
lighter border. When I went to style them, no matter what I did in the 
"Buttons" node, the lighter border persisted.

So I got to thinking. Many widgets inherit from QWidget. Making changes to 
QWidget's css would apply to all widgets who inherit from it until 
superceded by css that applies directly to that widget. The "Widgets: 
general" node just happens to fall last in the tree due to an accident of 
alphabeticization. It also happens to be in a position to supercede any 
styling of any of the widgets that are its children.

So changing QWidget's 16px font to 30px shows ALL of the places that 
inherit from it.

Now move the "Widgets: general" node to the top of the tree, just under the 
@data qt-gui-plugin-style-sheet and look at what happens to the lighter 
border around the buttons. It is gone, and all of the styling from the 
"Buttons" node applies correctly.

So inheritance matters.


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