What is going to be the convention for styling plugins?

So far to accomodate the bookmarks plugin, heroic theming is required. Will 
it be up to the theme developer to load, inspect and style every plugin?

It took a bit for me to figure out how to style the Tags Tab, for example. 
The good news is that if the plugin exists, it gets styled. If it is 
unloaded, the css is ignored. But it would be a mountain of work to ensure 
that every Qt plugin was loaded, inspected, and styled appropriately.

BTW, GammaRay is highly recommended for inspecting Qt applications. 

Caveat: The Cmake process seems to be incompatible with Anaconda. Cmake 
"knows" where the cmake file for QT5 lives and no amount of hacking (I will 
try again as the workaround sucks) could convince it that it lives in 
~/anaconda3. I had to unload Anaconda. Unfortunately the combination of 
python3 and QT in my default install doesn't work with Leo. So python2 it 
was. At the end of the day (literally) gammaray compiled and I loaded Leo. 
This morning I pulled the details on the widgets I needed to style the find 
tab. Unfortunately the spell tab doesn't load in python2, so it will have 
to wait until I find a way to make it work with Anaconda.


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