On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 12:43 PM, jkn <jkn...@nicorp.f9.co.uk> wrote:

I have a previous interest in this ... can I remind you of:
>     https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/issues/423
> and some associated discussions, in particular with me being interested in
> distinguishing between keys on
> ​the ​
> Numeric keypad?

​Hehe.  It appears that this Eureka has happened before.

I am deep into the actual work now. The settings half of the code appears
to work, and parts of the input half.

This truly is sclerotic code. Previously, we have all been reluctant to
touch any part of it, for fear of breaking it in obscure ways.  Surely, a
longer-than-usual period of testing will be needed.

I am pleased with yesterday's work. It foreshadows all the benefits
promised in #423, and perhaps others.  There is massive confusion in the
old code, and a lot of truly ugly code, some of which has already

I am going to put my head down and work on this project until all unit
tests pass regardless of the g.new_keys switch.  At which point I'll depend
on you, Jon, to test the code and suggest improvements.


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