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> Subject: Re: [lfs-support] Update lfs-uefi hint (was: Re: EFI grub.cfg)

> 'grep -A30 EFIVAR-34 lfs-uefi-20180409.txt'
> to find the instruction.

> 'make && make install' works but LFS doesn't like the default "lib64".

Found it, thanks. That just speaks to the fact a text document of that sort is 
hard. Also, I see what caused my initial issues. efivar vs efivars. It's not 
used consistently so when I searched mistakenly for "efivars" I found a few 
hits but they were in different sections of the document. 

The package name is efivar-xx so I think we should use the term "efivar" 
everywhere to avoid some confusion. 

> This is from my mobile phone, sorry for the stupid HTML-only mail client.

All good. I'm having the same problem. :) 
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