On May 31, 2011, at 17:03, augustin wrote:

> Actually, I am very confused by the profusion of protocols. 
> specifically mention using "FTPES - FTP over explicit (TLS/SSL)".

It's the first time I heard it referred to as "FTPES," that's probably just a 
made up name by the FileZilla developers that pretty much nobody else uses.

I too got confused by that name though last time, so don't even use "ftps://" 
with lftp since that is for implicit ftps, sorry about the bad advice.
For explicit TLS just open it like "ftp://"; or you don't even need to specify a 
protocol since ftp is the default.
Using an encrypted control connection when available is also turned on by 
default in lftp (set ftp:use-feat yes, set ftp:ssl-allow yes).

So you really don't have to do anything but open it normally like
$ lftp jack.masquilier....@ftp.ocsa-data.net

and you should be good to go.

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