On Jun 7, 2011, at 09:59, augustin wrote:

>> set ftp:use-feat/example.com off
>> set ftp:ssl-force/example.com on
> This feature is soooo cool and soooo undocumented anywhere I looked (man page 
>  as well as online lftp tutorials).

It's there in the man page, though perhaps not easy to understand what it's 
talking about on first read:

”You can set one variable several times for different closures, and thus you 
can get a particular settings for particular state. The closure is to be 
specified after variable name separated with slash `/'.

The closure for `dns:', `net:', `ftp:', `http:', `hftp:' domain variables is 
currently just the host name as you specify it in the `open' command (with some 
exceptions where closure is meaningless, e.g. dns:cache-size). For some `cmd:' 
domain variables the closure is current URL without path. For other variables 
it is not currently used.
See examples in the sample lftp.conf.“

> Also the exact syntax to use on configuration files is not clearly mentioned  
> anywhere. Luckily, I found some forum posts where people had posted their 
> config files, which was helpful.

As it said above, that sample system-wide lftp.conf file which is normally 
installed as {prefix}/etc/lftp.conf is a good place to start.

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