On Thursday 02 June 2011 12:04:07 am you wrote:
> Good, so it looks like your server supports AUTH TLS despite not admitting
>  to it in the FEAT reply. Just turn use-feat off for that server then.
> set ftp:use-feat/example.com off
> set ftp:ssl-force/example.com on

Great. That seems to do the trick. :)

> > how do I know I have a secure connection?

<--- 234 AUTH TLS OK.

Is that it?

> Keep in mind I'm just a fellow user hanging around on this mailing list, my
>  only qualification being a long-time satisified user of lftp. :)

I repeat what i just told you privately: I appreciate all the more all the 
time you spend trying to help me. I am very grateful.

I need to go to bed (I'll sleep better tonight ;)). I'll try to digest all the 
information tomorrow and summarize the important bits in the docs.

Thank you Daniel again for all your help so far :)



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