Vikram Noel Ambrose wrote:
> I can't seem to read back BIGINT UNSIGNED (8bytes) from a mysql database.
> For example:
> A value of     "10988581603938712255" = 0x987F48BFB028BABF
> is returned as  "9223372036854775807" = 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
> Something somewhere is capping off my BIGINT UNSIGNED to the maximum 
> of a signed 8byte number.
> I'm using libdbi-0.8.3 on Ubuntu-9.10 X86_64.
> Vikram.
I think I may have found the cause of the problem:

Line:726 in dbd_mysql.c
data->d_longlong = (long long) atoll(raw); break;

I was pretty shocked to see an atoll call in libdbi. But there is no 
point on going on about that.

Just as a hack, I replaced it with, strtoull(raw,NULL,10);  and it seems 
to be working. Obviously this is not going to work with actual signed 
and negative numbers.

How do we fix this?


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