Devin Reade writes:
 > They should at least be as portable as the ato* functions, unless
 > perhaps someone is still using a K&R C compiler somewhere, which
 > I doubt. If there's any portability issue, I would expect it to 
 > rear its head more for the 'long long' versions of both rather than
 > ato* vs strto*.

I've checked the repository. Obviously atoll() was missing from MinGW
(for the more or less native Windows port of libdbi). Does anyone
happen to know if MinGW still lacks atoll()/strtoll() support these

In any case, we stole an atoll() implementation from MySQL back then,
which upon close inspection also turns out to be implemented via its
own strtoll(). Therefore switching from ato*() to strto*() should not

 > That being said, the only real test is empirical.

True indeed. I'll look into this.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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