Devin Reade writes:
 > In the particular case of this use in libdbi, I've not looked at the
 > code to see to what extent it is an *actual* problem; however as a
 > generalization, I would advise against using ato*() functions and instead
 > use strto*() functions because the latter provides input error checks
 > that the former does not.

I've had a look at libdbi-driver's current ato*() usage. As far as I
can see it is used only to turn raw row data into integers by
functions which do not return values, i.e. without an easy way to
indicate conversion errors. I haven't checked all drivers yet, but I
see two options:

1) make the functions in question return error codes. This would allow
dbd_fetch_row() to return an error code as well. However, an error in
a single field would make the operation fail.

2) use a field flag to tag the affected field only. This would require
users to check integer fields manually, in a similar fashion as you
have to check for NULL values if this is relevant.

What do you think?


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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