Toby Thain <> was heard to say:

> I have discussed this issue with Vikram on #mysql and IMHO it is
> wrong in concept for a collation change to affect column type: As it
> is not concerning the contents of the field but merely
> interpretation. Naturally he didn't expect to have to change his code.
> But then perhaps the driver writer held a different opinion.

I totally agree here, collation should not affect column type. I still  
suspect that MySQL reports the column type correctly, but that the  
driver uses incorrect or insufficient means to interpret this  
information. This check simply looks spurious to me:

if(field->charsetnr == 63)

This looks more to me like a crutch than like an author having a  
different opinion. Toby, isn't there a more foolproof check available  
in the MySQL C API?


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