Markus Hoenicka writes:
 > information. This check simply looks spurious to me:
 > if(field->charsetnr == 63)

It probably isn't as wrong as I thought initially. MySQL gurus, please
correct me if I'm wrong, but I take the following from the manual:

The purpose of the field->charsetnr==63 is to tell TEXT and BLOB
fields apart (and their relatives of other sizes). Both are
represented by a FIELD_TYPE_BLOB (or MYSQL_TYPE_BLOB) type. The former
is a NULL-terminated string with a character set and a collation, the
latter is a binary object without character set or collation. There is
apparently no way to tell these apart other than by their
field->charsetnr value.

Therefore I tend to think the proper fix is to rearrange the case
statements in the mysql driver (see the _translate_mysql_type
function). The VAR_STRING and STRING types should be moved below the
default: entry to never mark those as binary.

Vikram, do I understand correctly that you don't expect to be able to
store binary strings in a "VARCHAR(256) COLLATE 'binary'" column? If
we fix the driver as I suggested above, you'd get back only the part
of the string up to the first NULL.


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