Markus Hoenicka wrote:
> Vikram Noel Ambrose writes:
>  > Yes of course. VARCHAR should be treated as NULL terminated character 
>  > strings and not binary. As long as libdbi is consistent as to what it 
>  > thinks a "VARCHAR(256) COLLATE 'binary'" refers to, then I'll be happy.
>  > 
> I've checked in a fixed version of dbd_mysql.c. I've also pasted in
> the patch below. It should apply cleanly to previous versions as well,
> as that part of the code hasn't been touched for a while. Vikram,
> could you please check whether this fixes your problem?

Looks like its working Markus. Tested using mysql-5.1.37 on Ubuntu-9.10 

By the way, the url for the source code repository is dead on the website.


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