Markus Hoenicka writes:
 > Hi,
 > I'll have to read the code again a little more thoroughly, but to the  
 > best of my knowledge libdbi emulates MySQL's approach to retrieving  
 > rows from result sets. In order to walk through the rows of e.g. a  
 > PostgreSQL result set you have to retrieve the rows by index  
 > sequentially, so libdbi has to maintain an internal pointer anyway. We  
 > do not have to add one, so there are no extra changes. Also, libdbi  
 > internally already mixes the cursor style and next_row style calls,  
 > because we have to cater for database engines which use either of  
 > these methods without exposing these differences to the libdbi user.
 > As for the API change, we have extensive driver API changes between  
 > 0.8.x and the upcoming(TM) 0.9 release anyway, think of the recent  
 > addition of the transaction stuff. You won't be able to keep your  
 > 0.8.x drivers once you switch to libdbi 0.9. You'll probably notice  
 > problems only if you build from cvs regularly (and only if you update  
 > one but not the other), but I expect those users to know what they're  
 > doing.


I've implemented the suggested changes and checked in the updated
files. If you want to speed test the code, please check out, build,
and install the current cvs revisions of both libdbi and
libdbi-drivers. I've updated the mysql, pgsql, and sqlite3 drivers at
this time, but making the remaining drivers compile is trivial. I've
added the suggested check to speed up sequential row fetching in
mysql. I do see a small but significant decrease in the time required
to run gmake check (11.78 vs. 12.51 s), although the test code does
not test retrieving boatloads of rows specifically. I'd appreciate if
someone with a nice testcase (Olivier?) could give the changes a try
and report some numbers.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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