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> I finally succeeded in compiling both component for my system (I added
> flag -lpthread when both linking / compiling or else I have following
> error : '/usr/lib64/dbd/libdbdmysql.so: undefined symbol:
> pthread_mutex_trylock').

libdbi-drivers uses the mysql_config script shipped with MySQL to  
obtain the list of required libraries to link against, *unless* you  
use the --with-mysql-libdir configure switch. Please try and see if  
libdbi-drivers compiles fine without that switch. Otherwise try  
manually what "mysql_config --libs" reports.

> Performance are now correct :) I checked with valgrind / callgrind,
> and function mysql_data_seek is not called anymore.

Do you have any numbers? Would be nice to know what speed gain this  
(almost) one-line optimization effected.

> You can now patch other drivers, and maybe release a new version ?
> Thank you !

I think I'll be able to finish migrating the drivers tonight as this  
requires changes in just one line per driver. New version is a  
different issue as I have to update the documentation and make sure  
everything is ready for prime time. It would be great if we could find  
a couple of kind souls who test the current CVS revisions on as many  
platforms as possible to find showstoppers, if any.


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