This is not the purpose of the project ( but you
can use: (this is a standalone js app,
everything stays local for our concern) but the app will not work if it
can't established circuits with the Tor network (which has absolutely
nothing to do with this topic but that's how it's working)

Then "Upload" --> file.txt , click on the file, "Encrypt" -->
file.txt.enc, click on it, "Properties" --> save the encryption key,
"Open/Save" save file.txt.enc , "Decrypt" --> file.txt (yes it saves
locally the encryption key as long as the session is open, as far as I

"Advanced use" or how to choose your key (a bit tricky but again that's
not the initial purpose of this app):

Rename file.txt in file.txt.enc, "Upload" --> file.txt.enc, "Decrypt",
enter your key --> file.txt.enc.enc, "Open/Save" save the file, change
it to file.txt.enc, this is your encrypted file, "Upload" -->
file.txt.enc, "Decrypt" enter your key --> file.txt, "Open/Save"

Easy, no?

This is using the probably obsolete AES-128-CTR algorithm but such tool
is not very difficult to redo (job for your class?)

Le 02/02/2018 à 00:45, Jens Kubieziel a écrit :
> Hi all,
> recently I thought about a small task regarding encryption which I give
> to a class. One idea which comes to mind is to encrypt a file. However
> when I thought a bit about it, it seemed not so easy. I'm not aware of
> an easy-to-use software which does the task. But to test my theory I put
> out a call for action and asked people to encrypt a file and send it to
> me:
> I received some answers so far:
> However I hope my call reaches more people and I get more results.
> Thatswhy I wanted to ask you to either send me a file or forward this
> request. I'll update the pad above and will later write a longer article
> about it.
> Thanks a lot,

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